Accident Removal

When You Need Accident Removal

If you have had the misfortune of getting in a wreck or you’re responsible for the accident removal itself, just call Tom’s Towing 805-647-0733┬áto help clear the wreckage in a hurry and in a professional manner and reasonably priced.

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You want someone who also knows about the new technology in today’s vehicles to prevent more harm or injury.

The following describing what needs to be known is taken from ( Active systems such as airbags make cutting into a vehicle more complicated: when they are not set off during the accident (e.g. in a vehicle struck from the rear or a rollover), extrication operations may set them off. This can cause additional trauma to the accident victim or to the rescuers. Airbags can remain active anywhere from 5 seconds to 20 minutes after being disconnected from the car’s battery. This is one of the reasons rescuers disconnect the vehicle’s battery and wait before cutting into a vehicle.

New hybrid technologies also include additional high voltage batteries, or batteries located in unusual places. These can expose occupants and rescuers to shock, acid or fire hazards if not dealt with correctly.

Some vehicles have an additional autogas (LPG) tank. As the system was not built in, there is a risk of damaging the pipe which is often under the car, releasing the pressurised fuel. The risk of this is minimised by locating the line in a protected position during installation. Modern installations also have a shutoff solenoid at the tank so that rupture will only release the fuel in the line rather than allowing fuel to come out of the tank.

Car manufacturers are using ultra-high-strength steel (UHSS) to achieve the 5-star Government Crash Rating. Vehicles have UHSS areas of the body structure like the A-pillar, B-pillar, rockers, side impact beams, and roof beams. This steel is difficult to cut with the standard extrication tools.