Car Over the Side

Car Over the Side Ventura

If you find yourself with your car over the side in or around Ventura, CA, whether it’s along the ocean highway 1 or along the mountain roads along highway 33 up in Ojai or the back roads along route 150 in Santa Paula or you’ve just got your car over the side on the 101 going from Ventura through Oxnard or Camarillo, the 126 or even one of the county’s streets, you need someone with the experience and modern equipment to help you if you have the misfortune of running off of one of our many tricky highways.

car over the side ventura

Recovering a vehicle that is hundreds of feet from the road or even just the car flipped over requires someone who has done it many times before and who knows how to do everything right to safely bring your auto back to the road before towing or transporting it for you. This is where Tom’s Towing in Ventura comes to your rescue.

You need to call Tom and his crew to help you out of having your car over the side situation805-647-0733