Dealer Warranty Towing

Attention Car Dealers and Car Rental Companies

Dealer Warranty Towing

When you’re facing a recall and it’s not safe to drive the cars in, we do dealer warranty towing and can transport the cars you need to get to and from your Ventura County customers and you’re dealership in a professional manner that will treat the customer in the same friendly and courteous manner you would.

Many car companies have a Warranty Tow Program for Rental Vehicles

Ford Specifically has a dealer warranty towing program. Here are some of the highlights on their page.

  • The warranty towing fee will be paid by Ford Motor Company.
  • Non-warranty tows or service issues (i.e. lock-out, out of gas, tire change) are not eligible and
    will continue to be the responsibility of the rental company.
  • The coordinated tow is only to Ford or Lincoln-Mercury Dealerships; towing to non-Ford or
    Lincoln-Mercury locations is not covered under this program.

dealer warranty towing - chevyFor the Chevy info, click on the picture above.

For any and all towing needs, call us for the best rates, timely service, and honest dealings.