Illegally Parked Vehicles Ventura

Remove Illegally Parked Vehicles Ventura

If you want to remove an illegally parked vehicles in Ventura, CA because it’s on your property or on the street near you or you see them abandoned somewhere around town, please call us at 805-647-0733 and we’ll take care of it for you.

If you see people disobeying one of these signs you can also call us at Tom’s Towing 805-647-4733 and we’ll quickly and legally take care of this for you.

illegally parked vehicles ventura signs
illegally parked vehicles ventura signs                                                                                                             (sign poster taken from

There are all kinds of laws on the books (V C Section 22651 Circumstances Permitting Removal) protecting the public’s safety and property owner’s rights so don’t be afraid to call us to take care of the illegally parked vehicles. Ventura doesn’t want it and you don’t want it.

We have reasonable rates and honest and fair business practices. 805-647-4733 Call now while you’re thinking about it.