Run Out of Gas

Did you run out of gas?

No one wants to run out of gas in Ventura County (or anywhere else). Maybe you’re just passing through and you don’t know anybody in town to help you out. You’re unfamiliar with the area so you’d rather not go off on your own, leaving your car where you don’t know what will happen to it and worse yet what might happen to you while you’re hiking off to who knows where.

When you run out of gas in Ventura, CA, Call Tom's Towing 805-647-0733

Don’t take chances with anyone stopping to give you a ride. Give Tom’s Towing a call when you run out of gas – 805-647-0733. We’ll rush a couple of gallons out to you right away. No freezing at night or roasting by day getting out of the car and walking forever.

Whatever your emergency, in and around Ventura, just call us 24 X 7. We’re here to help even if you’ve just run out of gas.