Truck Towing

Truck Towing

When your truck needs a tow in Ventura County, you need someone who can handle truck towing.

The first thing to make sure of as a truck owner is that you have a plan of action in mind in the event of a breakdown, you’ve run out of gas, your engine overheats in the middle of the highway, smoke is billowing out of your engine or muffler,etc. so you don’t have to stop and ask someone if they know the number of a reliable tow truck company that does truck towing. That can all be solved by one call to Tom’s Towing, 805-647-0733.

Tom can also come out when you realize you’ve left your set of keys inside locked doors. Tom’s towing company is the first number you should punch into your cell phone for this eventuality. Of course, you may also be in the unfortunate position of having a battery with no more juice without another soul around to help jumpstart you back into running order. Who you gonna call, Tom’s Towing.

Just knowing that there’s a great truck towing company that can save you money and stress, in what is bound to be a stressful enough situation, is a great comfort.

If it’s a semi truck, a tractor trailer, or just your standard pickup truck, we can get you on your way or haul it to the nearest fix-it place.

Hope you enjoy this silly little 15 second video to remind you if your truck crashes or needs towing for any reason, call us, we can help. 805-647-0733.